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Fairfax County, VA: 2014

In 2014, the Fairfax County School Board voted to change high school and middle school start and dismissal times for the 2015-2016 school year. Following this new schedule:

  • High schools start at 8:00 or 8:10 and dismiss at 2:45 or 2:55
  • Middle schools start at 7:30 and end at 2:15
  • Elementary school start and dismissal times remained unchanged with elementary schools starting between 8:00 and 9:20. 
    You can see the 2015-16 New Bell Schedule, Overview of School Start Times Plan, Cost References ($5.4 million)  here.

AACPS contacted Fairfax County with questions about the process of changing start times in their county.  Click here to see their response.

This process began in April of 2012, when the Fairfax County School Board adopted a resolution with the goal of the Fairfax County School Board to start high schools after 8 AM. The Board issued a Request for Proposals (RFP)  for a consulting firm to perform research of school systems with later start times and to prepare a specific plan for FCPS based upon that research. The contract was awarded to the Children's National Medical Center in March 2013 which presented four options for school start times in May and June 2014. After analyzing the feedback, CNMC made a final recommendation to the School Board at its work session on July 14, 2014. The School Board voted on the plan in October 2014. (While the primary work of the AACPS Task Force occured before October 2014, you can click here to see the results of the October 2014 School Board vote). 

Follow the links below to learn more about School Start Times in Fairfax County Public Schools.

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