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Appetizer Round

Over the next month, join others on your Prep Team to “cook up” a Be Nice Appetizer that brings a taste of the campaign into your school or office. You must use at least four of the resources (referred to as “ingredients”) from the recipe card below to inspire your appetizer. These ingredients—a variety of articles, stories, and videos--were chosen to help everyone think about school culture in different ways. Each ingredient can bring a different “spice” to your appetizer; your challenge is to combine the inspiration from at least four of these ingredients in a way that is unique and true to your school or workplace.*

It is important that your appetizer touch everyone in your workplace in some small way, similar to the effect a tasty petite appetizer has on people at a large dinner party. Less is more in this round; it may even be that you are already doing something related to the Be Nice campaign in your workplace that could be enhanced by considering a few ingredients from our recipe card. Once you’ve taken some time, played with the ingredients and cooked up your appetizer, please implement your team’s idea with your people—young and old, alike.



A Letter to My Incoming Students
  • A letter from a 7th grade teacher in Hawaii to her incoming students
  • How amazing it would be to get such a letter from a teacher with whom you were going to spend your year
It's Harder to be Kind than Clever
  • A need for compassion and connection jump out as important in this story of a Panera Bread manager who goes the extra mile to please an elderly infirmed woman
  • Amazon’s Jeff Bezos learned as a young child that just because you can, doesn’t mean you should
  • Efficiency should not come at the expense of humanity
Not So Random Acts of Kindness
Supports Learning
  • A culture of kindness can be nurtured
  • Students and adults both benefit from a school growing a culture of kindness
Preparing Soil for Planting and
School Culture for Learning
  • Healthy plants grow because of a healthy, fertile soil
  • Students need a healthy learning environment if they are to grow to be active, healthy learners
Story of Aunt Millie:
Changing a Culture
  • Changing a culture is hard
  • New routines practiced over time can move people to change
  • Who can be tapped to be your Aunt Millies?

  • Changing a culture is hard
  • New routines practiced over time can move people to change
  • Who can be tapped to be your Aunt Millies?
Kid President: 20 Things You
Should Say More Often
  • Happiness, kindness, smiling, laughter…..all important
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you
  • If you can’t think of anything nice to say, you’re not thinking hard enough.
6 Reasons Kindness Matters
in Work and Life
  • Kindness can change moods and perspectives
  • Better living through the chemistry of kindness

Chopped: Summer Heat (AACPS Login Required)

Chopped: Jumbo Shrimp, Pepperoni and Cereal (AACPS Login Required)


 *Helpful Hint for Creating Your Appetizer

Preparing a Be Nice Appetizer can begin with something as simple as sharing four of the resources with staff in meetings, PD sessions, or via email. Then use the ideas and discussions generated from these ingredients to do something at your workplace that touches all staff (and students, if you work in a school). Be as creative as you wish. Feel free to give your idea a name and invite people to engage with you as you roll out this appetizer across your workplace.

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