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Benefits of Attending a CAT Center

  • Explore different careers BEFORE choosing a college, a college major or starting a career
  • Opportunity to be a Dual Completer: Be Both College and Career Ready
  • Employability Skills- Professional Resume and Portfolio Development, Real Interview Experience, Practice Appropriate Work Habits
  • Work Experience and Internships in a Professional Work Environment
  • Most Programs earn Credits that transfer to various Colleges and Trade Schools
  • Most Programs have Industry Certifications and/or State Licenses
  • Small Class Size and Diverse Student Population
  • SkillsUSA: National Leadership Organization for Career and Technology Students- opportunity to develop leadership skills and to compete in program related skill areas at regional/state/national level
  • National Technical Honor Society Membership recognizing excellence in Career and Technology Education
  • Opportunity to Earn Scholarships

CAT Center Students are focused on their future. They have the skills and training needed to enter the workforce, but they also have a clear picture of how continuing education beyond high school will lead to advancement within their chosen career field.

Internship/Work Study Program

Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.

Theodore Roosevelt

If you are looking for an opportunity to jump start your career with an entry level position applying the skills and work habits you learned at CAT-N or CAT-S, an Internship is your next move.  


  • Student successfully completed Level II program at CAT Center.
  • Teacher will have the final approval.  Students must meet the following qualifications or have teacher approval:   

Work Habits

Attendance:   Only students with a 94% (10 days or less)   or higher attendance record for the school year will be considered for job   placement.

GPA:   Students must maintain a   “C” average at CAT Center.  This will include trade, math and science classes.

Skill Level:   Students must demonstrate a high level of competency in their trade. This will be assessed using the competency profile .

Attitude:    Students must demonstrate a positive attitude and a commitment to their trade.    This includes a desire to continue to learn and master the trade.

Transportation:  Students must  show proof that they have reliable transportation to and from the job site.

Job Placement:   Students must be willing to take a job placement in their trade and work an average of 15 hours per week.


  • Work an average of 15 hours at an approved work site that relates to their course of study
  • Submit hours worked at the end of each month to the Internship Facilitator
  • Have a successful employer/mentor evaluation each marking period
  • Hold a work position for entire senior year.  Semester opportunities are available
  • Complete all the internship forms.  

Internships and Business Programs Office |  Anne Arundel County Public Schools   |  410 266-3185

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