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Danielle--Hoffman Animal Hospital

From an early age, I was fascinated with animals and thought I wanted to study veterinary medicine.  I was curious to learn what the job entailed, and thought the best way to find out was to volunteer at an animal clinic.  The summer before 7th grade, I set out to find an animal hospital where I could shadow the vet. I created a resume, and was politely turned down by numerous clinics due to my young age.  At Hoffman Animal Hospital, after reading my resume and speaking with me, Dr. Hoffman recognized my enthusiasm and decided to give me a chance.

From 7th grade until the start of senior year, I have volunteered at Hoffman Animal Hospital.  I observed the vets, watched the vet techs, cleaned exam rooms, walked dogs among other duties.  However, I wanted a more in depth knowledge, which sparked my interest in an internship position.  I explored a number of different possibilities before presenting my idea to Hoffman Animal Hospital.  Although the staff knew me well, I updated my resume and prepared for an interview.  I was granted an internship position.  My duties as an intern are much more extensive than as a volunteer and the vets and hospital staff take time to teach me about the different cases and surgeries.  I have more learning opportunities and more responsibilities.

Having an internship as a senior has many advantages. It allows me to fully explore a potential vocation before choosing my major in college.  I also have more time to spend at the internship than just volunteering.

My advice to those who are thinking about an internship next year, is to do your homework. Before starting my internship, I looked into other possible places.  I met with other vets, but felt the best fit for me was with Hoffman’s Clinic.  Finally, have multiple places that you are interested in and apply to them all.

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