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Phase I--Task Force: February 2014-December 2014
Phase II--New Work: January 2015-December 2015
Phase III--Community Involvement: January 2016-February 2016
Phase IV--Board Requested Options: March 2016-Present

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Superintendent's Proposed Models for 2017 Start Times
Model Proposed in April 2016 (Following New BOE Request)
Model Proposed in December 2015
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School Start & Dismissal Times Task Force Study: Execuitve Summary
Task Force Start Time Options with Cost Estimates

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Share Your Start & Dismissal Time Thoughts

If you have a comment or concern regarding AACPS School Start and Dismissal Times you would like us to consider, you may still use the form below to share your thoughts.

We will be holding community meetings in January where you will be able to share and discuss your ideas regarding start and dismissal times with other community stakeholders, if you wish to do so.

A new survey will be posted in late January or early February asking for specific feedback on the Superintendent’s proposed 2017-2018 school start and dismissal time model.

Share Your Start & Dismissal Time Thoughts

*If you have a comment or concern regarding Start & Dismissal Times that you would like us to consider, please explain here.

Please enter only one main comment/concern per submission so that we can assign each idea to a different working group.

If you have a suggested solution to your comment or concern please offer it here:
If you would like to be emailed when Start & Dismissal Times issues are added to the website and/or when related events are planned in our communities, please provide your email.

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