School Start &

Dismissal Times

Phase I--Task Force: February 2014-December 2014
Phase II--New Work: January 2015-December 2015
Phase III--Community Involvement: January 2016-February 2016
Phase IV--Board Requested Options: March 2016-Present

Twilight Hours

Twilight is defined as the 30 minute period of 'dusk after sunset' or 'dawn before sunrise' during which the sky is partially lit. After twilight ends, "night" begins and it is dark. The table below shows sunrise, sunset, and twilight hours for Anne Arundel County throughout the year.

AACPS Board Regulation for Walking During Twilight Hours

As stated in AACPS Board Regulation EAD-RA  (associated with AACPS Board Policy 700.04 ), "The Board recognizes the potential threat to the safety of certain children walking to and from school during hours of limited visibility due to darkness. Those school children residing within walking distances of their respective schools who attend classes which begin prior to 7:05 AM and end after 4:30 PM will be provided transportation as follows:

  • Late afternoon transportation will be provided during the months of November, December, and January.
  • The first bus stop may be established one mile from the schools involved;
  • Additional stops may be designated along specific routes at the discretion of the Supervisor of Transportation."


NOTE:  If our latest school was to dismiss by 4:15pm, there would be a 30 min period between school dismissal and the beginning of civil twilight and an additional 30 minute period before twilight ends and we have darkness.


These start time hours were calculated using the JekoPhoto Twilight Calculator .

Transportation Boundaries & Student Walking Distance

 AACPS provides Transportation from designated bus stops for students who reside within the schools attendance area.

Transportation is dependent on a child’s grade level and the distance of the child's residence from the school. The table to the right shows the transportation boundaries for students in Anne Arundel County as well as neighboring counties. Students living outside of these boundaries are eligible to ride the school bus.