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Phase I--Task Force: February 2014-December 2014
Phase II--New Work: January 2015-December 2015
Phase III--Community Involvement: January 2016-February 2016
Phase IV--Board Requested Options: March 2016-Present

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Guided by our beliefs, the AACPS School Start Times Task Force discussed multiple ways to adjust the start times of high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools to afford adolescents more sleep and access to optimal school learning time for all students. The Task Force reviewed later school start time options considered throughout the nation, especially those put forth by neighboring Fairfax County, VA, and subsequently developed and put forth its own unique options to address this issue.

With each option, the Task Force asked the following questions:

  • How much additional sleep will this option provide our adolescent students?
  • Is this option conducive for all of our preK-12 learners?
  • Will all students have a safe environment for walking to and from school or their school bus?
  • How will this option impact before and after-school care for young students and their families?
  • How will this option impact K-12 sports and other co-curricular activities – both school and community-based offerings?
  • How many additional buses and drivers, if any, will AACPS need in order to transport students to and from school at the proposed adjusted times?
  • How many additional staffing will be needed, if any, to manage the proposed additional buses and transportation routes?

Task Force Start Time Options 

Currently, high schools in Anne Arundel County begin at 7:17 AM (click here for complete list of all current school start times). After extensive discussions with the Task Force, the Transportation Office, and the Budget Office, the AACPS School Start Times Task force has agreed upon the following four start time options:


Option A


Option A: High schools begin at 8:30AM; middle schools begin at 9:30AM; and elementary schools begin between 7:50AM and 9:15AM.


Option B


Option B: High schools begin at 9:15AM; middle schools begin between 8:20-8:30AM (with one middle school beginning at 9:00AM); and elementary schools begin between 7:40AM and 9:15AM.


Option C


Option C: All schools shift 30 minutes later than current start times.

Option D


Option D: All schools shift 30 minutes later than current start times with a late-start hybrid learning option for some high school students.

Phase II

Option E

Option E:  All schools shift 30 minutes later than current start time, but no elementary schools dismiss later than 4:15 PM. NOTE: This model is a shift in start time for all students.

Option F

Option F:  High School begins at 8:00 AM. All schools shift 43 minutes later than current start time, but no elementary or middle schools dismiss later than 4:15 PM. In this model, no students go to school before 8:00 AM.

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