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Phase III--Community Involvement: January 2016-February 2016
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Option F

NOTE: This page describes one of the models presented in October 2015 based on the work of the AACPS School Start Times Task Force. To review Superintendent George Arlotto’s proposal to shift school start and dismissal times in the 2017-2018 school year, click here .

High School begins at 8:00 AM. All schools shift 43 minutes later than current start time, but no elementary or middle schools dismiss later than 4:15 PM.


With this option, high school begins 43 minutes later than current start time, middle schools begins 43 minutes later, and elementary school begins 43 minutes later. However, the start times of the sixteen latest elementary schools and four latest middle schools are adjusted (to start earlier) so that no school ends later than 4:15 PM.

Estimated Annual Cost: $15,240,000

This option will require approximately 254 additional buses. Ten of these additional buses will be used to transport students to  nonpublic  special education facilities, students who are currently transported by buses that also service our traditional high schools. Because Option F rearranges the start and dismissal times for our elementary and middle schools who would dismiss after 4:15pm (now placing them earlier in the day), this option requires the use of 157 additional buses to transport students attending those sixteen elementary schools and the use of 87 additional buses to transport students attending those four middle schools. NOTE:  The overlap of many schools all starting and ending in approximately the same time window necessitates the need for additional buses.  Current efficiencies gained by tiering the bus pick-up and drop-offs are lost in this model. 



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