School Start &

Dismissal Times

Phase I--Task Force: February 2014-December 2014
Phase II--New Work: January 2015-December 2015
Phase III--Community Involvement: January 2016-February 2016
Phase IV--Board Requested Options: March 2016-Present

Phase I: Task Force

February 2014-December 2014

February 19, 2014: Former Interim Superintendent Mamie J. Perkins announced the formation of a 15-person task force to thoroughly examine school start times within Anne Arundel County Public Schools. The task force was charged with researching and developing options regarding school start times at all levels, taking into consideration the work previously conducted within AACPS and by other districts of comparable size as well as relevant medical, social, and behavioral research regarding students and school performance. Mrs. Perkins also directed the task force to carefully review the financial and non-financial implications of altering school start and end times and provide a report to the Board of Education in September, 2014. Dr. George Arlotto, hired as the new Superintendent of Schools in July 2014, continues to support the charge given to the Task Force by his predecessor. Click here to read the complete Press Release.

March 2014-October 2014: The Task Force met regularly over six-months, volunteering countless hours gathering, sharing, reviewing and discussing pertinent information related to the charge given them. Task Force members reviewed a plethora of relevant medical, social, and behavioral research regarding students, sleep and school performance as well as work previously conducted within AACPS and other districts of comparable size. Click here to see the agenda and minutes from each of these Task Force meetings.

December 10, 2014: Superintendent George Arlotto included $750,000 in his recommended Fiscal Year 2016 budget to purchase transportation software and hire a transportation specialist to examine what efficiencies could be gained in student transportation across the school system.  Click here to link to watch the video of the December 10, 2014, BOE meeting where this action occurred. (For minutes of this meeting, click here).